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Dr. Armin Danesh

Psycotherapy and Counselling For Everyone
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About me


Consultant Psycotherapist

I am a Consultant Psychotherapist. My therapeutic practice has evolved from a life-long interest in philosophy, psychology, human rights and social justice. I am a family man: my wife is a professor of philosophy, and I have a son and four daughters of whom I'm very proud. I love animals, walking in nature and cycling. I also teach Judo, write poetry and love to sing.

I believe that human beings desire to be, and to be something; to escape from pain and sorrow; and to achieve wellbeing and happiness. My professional involvement with psychology began when I taught child-psychology about 40 years ago. I love my work as a psychotherapist. I believe that the relationship between client and therapist is paramount, and my approach is to first develop this trust with my clients. As they experience the difficulties and anxieties of life, human beings have an unlimited capacity to grow, as I have been privileged to witness over the past 40 years.

I am able to offer individual psychotherapy for a range of difficulties with issues such as Abuse, ADD / ADHD, Relationships, Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Addictions, Compulsive Behaviours, Phobias, Panic Attacks, Low Self-esteem, Sexual Identity, PTSD and other Traumatic Conditions, Loss, Bereavement, Self-harm, Spirituality and Work-related issues. I also support people facing cancer diagnosis or chronic illness. My practice includes working with LGBT+.

I have wide experience with cultural diversity and with a wide range of clients: artists, doctors, health workers, teachers, lecturers, company directors, musicians, lawyers, pensioners, refugees, students and therapists.


I specialise in Existential and Integrative Psychotherapy. I'm engaged in ongoing research, which informs and updates my clinical practice. I supervise individual and group counsellors and teach Phenomenology as a psychotherapeutic discipline.
Outside of my therapeutic practice, I chair a mental health charity and another charity working for distressed children and families worldwide.

I believe you deserve to feel cared for, especially in difficult times. Through my own experience and observation during years of therapeutic practice, I think the psychological problems you face have a potentially transformative effect on your life.

In my work and researches over the last three decades I have noticed how difficult it is in general for people to recognise their own capability. The tensions of stress and old emotional habits disable a person from realising their natural potential.   


I believe access to it can be the starting point for a fresh self-awareness, which increases confidence and opens new pathways to be in this world.    

Dr. Armin


My purpose

My aim is to empower you and to help you to bring about a positive change in your life. 

I provide a safe confidential environment where you can be heard. 

Here you have the opportunity to explore your personal issues and to express feelings, thoughts and anxieties that may be troubling you.

In this compassionate secure setting I will help you to improve your understanding of yourself and enrich your relationship with others.
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I help you to:

Discover meaning in your own life

Approach life with commitment and responsibility

Develop your self-awareness and understanding of others
Discover human values

Respect and care for yourself and others

Improve your self-esteem and confidence when facing troubling situations

Find practical creative solutions to difficulties and conflicts

Learn to value yourself and your opinions

Defend your principles and make good choices

Trust yourself and others

Learn how to manage your daily life

Develop active and fulfilling relationships


What do I do?

I specialise in the following therapeutic approaches: 


How do I work?


I believe psychotherapy enables an individual to move towards a deeper
understanding of their position in life, and to create possibilities for change. It offers a
real opportunity for clients to be open, to recognise the creativity and power of their
inner resources. This is best achieved in a compassionate and collaborative space
where one can talk honestly and thus see oneself in a new way.

The therapy is based on 50-minute sessions, tailored to the client's individual needs.
These are arranged on a regular basis. My initial aim is to begin to get to know my
client, while introducing the character of my practice. I like also to spend the first
session exploring how we can best work together. We regularly review therapeutic
progress during subsequent sessions. I offer psychotherapy in English and Farsi.

I am a member of the Society of Existential Analysis (SEA) and the Universities
Psychotherapy and Counselling Association (UPCA). I am also a registered member
of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) and the British
Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), whose ethical guidelines
and code of practice I follow.

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Contact me

Contact me:


For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: ✆ +44 7737 417884 or fill out the following form.


✆ +44 7737 417884

My Locations are:

  • Winchmore Hill (N21)

  • Bounds Green/Muswell Hill (N11/N10)  

  • Swiss Cottage/West Hampstead (NW6)


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My therapy hours are 9am - 7pm - Monday to Friday 

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